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Siddh-khol Waterfall, Kasdol, Baloda-bazaar

Siddh Khol Waterfall (Kasdol, Balodabazaar)
(A blog by Jitendra Nakka)


Chhattisgarh plains homes some of the scenic landscapes of Central India. But inspite of this landform feature, there are some places which are well-versed with small undulated hills like the block of Kasdol of District Balodabazaar. Kasdol is the block which is gifted by natural beauty of small mounts, open forest and some of the most untrodden waterfalls. One among them is Siddh-khol Waterfall, popularly renowned as Siddh-Baba.
Pic: Siddh-khol Waterfall (with Author and Group)
Where and how to reach?
    Siddh-khol Waterfall is nearly 122 kms from State Head-Quarter Raipur at Kasdol-Pithora State Highway. For reaching Siddh-khol Waterfall, one has to reach Kasdol block of Baloda-bazaar district, from where this marvel is just 12kms away towards Pithora. After a smooth highway ride of about 11 kms, one has to follow a concrete road track of about 1km to reach this site.
Pic: Location Map of Siddh-khol Waterfall (near Kasdol, Baloda-bazaar)

    Siddh Baba is approachable throughout all the seasons of a year, but as the Waterfall receives its flow through a small brook actually formed from the collection of water from fields above, Rainy and Early Winters are the season advisable to visit this beautiful location. Raipur and Bhatapara are the nearest railway stations for this place. In addition, Raipur is the closest airport to this site. 
Salient Features
    Being at Siddh-Baba, makes you go completely spellbinding. Siddh-baba is actually a small valley where the water-flow from the brook above, plunges down nearly 40 feets down to form a mesmerizing waterfall known as Siddh-khol Waterfall. In addition to it, there is one legendary story attached to it. People believe that in past, there was one holy sage known as Siddh Baba, after whom this waterfall has received its name.
 Pic: Siddh-Baba temple  (with Author and Group)

 Pic: Siddh-khol Waterfall

Pic: Siddh-khol Waterfall (with Author and Group)

As we descend down to this valley, we have to complete nearly 50 stairs to reach up to the reservoir (Water-pool) down the fall. The reservoir is nearly 5 feet deep surrounded by thick vegetation far up to the extent of valley. The water from the brook falls from a great height of 40 feet and makes its way further to the valley, during rainy season, but as the brook starts drying and the flow of the brook becomes thin, the falling water is compelled to get collected in the reservoir itself.
Pic: Reservoir of Siddh-khol Waterfall

Pic: Reservoir of Siddh-khol Waterfall

The mesmerizing fall of Siddh-baba also adores a sandstone grotto like feature on its right side bank. For reaching this grotto, one has to take a circumference of reservoir of Siddh-Baba to reach its right bank side, where this grotto is located nearly 15-20 feets above the foot-hill of Waterfall.
Pic: Grotto near right side bank of Siddh-khol Waterfall (with Author and Group)

 Pic: Grotto near right side bank of Siddh-khol Waterfall (with Author)

Pic: Grotto near right side bank of Siddh-khol Waterfall

Just a first view of this marvel leads to immense satisfaction. Watching the thick greenery and vegetation of this valley, will let you truly amazed. On the whole, this place is purely a must visit site.
Pic: Author and group

In addition to your adventurous trip, you can also visit ancient Shiv Temple of Narayanpur nearby which is believed to have built during the reign of Great Kalchuris.   

Siya-Devi Waterfall, Balod

 Siya-Devi Waterfall (Naragaon, Balod)
(A blog by Jitendra Nakka)


Day: 10th September 2016, Time: 8.30 a.m., me and my dear friend Ashish Gadpale are heading for Balod. Balod is a district which is famous for its megalithic sites like Karkabhat, Dhanora, karhibhadar, kuliya, Bhujgahan etc.  Numerous archeological sites like Bahadur-kalarin ki Maachi, Madiyapaat, kukurdev temple etc. still strive to gain their first name in the field of tourism in Chhattisgarh. Every block of Balod has its own story, whether it may be archeological ancient temples, megalithic sites, natural waterfalls, or Huge reservoir and dams. Balod has everything to prove itself a worthy tourist site. The only thing it demands is the attention of tourists. One of the most beautiful tourist sites in Balod is Siya-devi Waterfall

 Picture: Siya-Devi Waterfall
Where and how to reach?
 Siya-devi Waterfall is nearly 16kms away from Balod towards Balod-Charama State Highway. From Balod, one has to reach Jhalmala, a small town near district Headquarter,Balod. From Jhalmala, one has to travel 12 kms towards Balod-Charama SH, lastly followed by a 2-3km journey of kachcha road(towards left side) to reach our final destination called as Siya-devi Waterfall.
  Picture: Location Map (C)

    Siya-devi WF is approachable throughout all the seasons of a year, but as the Waterfall receives its flow from a brook above, Rainy and Early Winters are the season advisable to visit this beautiful location. Raipur is the nearest railway stations for this place. In addition, Raipur is the closest airport to this site. 
Salient Features
    The Jaw-dropping beauty of Siya-devi has the ability to drive attention of anybody who loves nature. Siya Devi is a holy place named after Goddess Sita. There are some mythological and legendary stories also attached with this place.

•    Mythological Importance:

This place comes under Dandakaranya region of ancient times. It is believed that Lord Ram was tested by Goddess Parvati in the form of Goddess Sita, to test his loyalty towards His wife, Sita(at the time when he was in search of his wife, who was forcibly kidnapped by Demon king, Ravana). Lord Ram recognizes Goddess Parvati and greets her as his mother and asks the reason for coming in the middle of Jungle all alone. Satisfied by the loyalty of Lord Ram, Goddess Parvati feels shame for her deed and discusses all the matter with Lord Shiva and apologizes. Lord Shiva advises her to settle down at Siya-devi as the incarnation of Goddess Sita. This is how this place came to known as Siya-devi.
There is one more belief that the tiger of Goddess here awakes (comes into life) in night times and protects the holy region. Hence, the statue of tiger here is fastened here by a thick iron chain. 
The waterfall here is about 15-20 feet high and 35-40 feet wide. A brook near this area plunges down to a height of about 15-20 feet to make this beautiful waterfall. As the passage of water falling and flowing down the stream near down-stream is full of boulders, it becomes easy for tourist to come quite near to fall and enjoy the beauty of it.
 Pic: Siya-Devi Waterfall (Side view)

 Pic: Author with his friend Mr. Ashish Gadpale 

Pic: Mr. Ashish Gadpale with Waterfall

Another wonder of this place is the cave nearby left side bank of upstream, which is actually a joint fracture between rocks which leaves a thin space to enter inside and has a end outside. Other than Turturiya village of Bar-Navapara Sanctuary, this place is also famous for Meditation Land of Maharishi Valmiki and also known as Valmiki Gufa.
Pic:Entrance of Cave (with Author)

Pic: Idol of Maharishi Valmiki near Grotto of Cave outside

Pic:End of Cave
This site is a perfect combination of pilgrimage with tourism. This site has some of the most important temples of the district. People have great dignity for Siya-devi temple as the holy pilgrimage. And this place is covered by great density of devotees during Navratri and Maha-shivratri. As perfect eco-tourism place, this site has great potential to be good tourist spot.
 Picture: Siya-Devi Waterfall (stream passage)
In addition to this, a tourist can also visit Tandula Dam, Ganga Maiya Temple(Jhalmala) and Rani Mata temple(Narra-village) as the nearest temples. Last but not the least, I want to give thanks to Mr. Tulesh Sahu for guiding us to this marvel.