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Siddheshwar Temple, Palari, Balodabazar

Siddheshwar Temple, Palari, Balodabazar
 (A blog by Jitendra Nakka)


The district of Balodabazaar lies in the central part of the Chhattisgarh state and blessed with some of the most beautiful ancient temples of Chhattisgarh, depicting the glorious history of area. One such perfect religious place in Balodabazaar is Palari’s ancient shiv temple also called Siddheshwar Temple.
                    Figure:Front Side View of Siddheshwar temple, Palari 

                   Figure:Back Side View of Siddheshwar temple, Palari 

Where and How to reach?

Palari town is the block Head Quarter of Palari of Balodabazaar District and situated nearly 65 km North of State Head-Quarter, Raipur and nearly 15 kms South of district Head-Quarter, Baloda-Bazaar. Here, the ancient Shiv temple lies 2 kms East of Palari near the outer of township at the bank of Bal-Samund Pond. This place is approachable throughout the year as it lies directly on the Raipur-Balodabazaar State Highway. The Nearest Railway Station and Airport is Raipur. Nearby Raipur and Balodabazaar, there are many luxurious hotels which interesting tour packages to tourists. 

                                        Figure: Siddheshwar temple

Salient Features:

            Siddheshwar temple lies on the bank of Balsamund pond, and built in a manner of old brick made construction, gives it a unique distinction, next to Laxman temple of Sirpur. The experts have observed ornamentation of different type of Goddess and Goddesses on the outer wall of temple like Kartik, Ganesh, Gaj-laxmi. On the contrary, the inner walls of the temple are rather ornamentation-less.
                Figure: Brick carved statue of Lord Ganesha on the outer Wall

                               Figure: Shivling in the Garbh-Griha

            The temple seems to have two chambers where the first chambers looks like an open mandap followed by Garbh-Griha which is the second and the main chamber. The front of the Garbh-Griha is ornamented by stone carved idols of Goddesses Ganga and Yamuna while the fore-head or the space above the Garbh-Griha is occupied by exotic carvation of Marriage Ceremony of Lord Shiva where  thrice of the dev (tridev) are said to have appeared with each other. Being one of the best examples of brick-made constructions of Central India, Palari Shiv Temple is believed to have been built during 7th -8th Century.  
Figure: Statue of Ganga and Jamuna in the either side of Entrance Gate of Garbh-Griha

            On the left side of courtyard/campus of the temple, where there is a Pipal tree, where a recent found idol of Siddh-Baba is placed openly, in order to exhibit the external excavations. There are few temples nearby which have been constructed recently.
                                       Figure: Siddh Baba Idol


            This place is an ideal place for historians to read and obsercve the ancient brick-made buildings of Central India. I believe this temple has the potential to drive everybody’s attention, if proper promotion of this place is done.