Jatmai-Ghatarani Waterfalls, Gariaband

 Jatmai-Ghatarani Waterfalls (Gariyaband)
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Depicting the beauty of the Central Plains of Chhattisgarh, Gariyaband is one of the most beautiful districts of state.  Gariyaband is the home of some of the most beautiful waterfalls. Among them, the most beautiful waterfalls are the falls of Jatmai and Ghatarani
 Image: Ghatarani Waterfall

Where and how to reach?

            Jatmai-Ghatarani Waterfalls are actually two different waterfalls 6kms away from each other. Jatmai-Ghatarani is nearly 90 kms from State Capital Raipur and nearly 40 kms from District Head Quarter. Just 20 kms away from Gariyaband, there is a village called Panduka, towards Gariyaband-Rajim State Highway, from where Jatmai Waterfall is nearly is 20-22 kms away. For reaching Ghatarani,  again we have to start our journey from Jatmai and take the straight forest road which after a couple of miles, turns into a kachcha road, which after next 4kms leads to our next beautiful destination called Ghatarani. 

Site Map of Jatmai Ghatarani Waterfalls

            Both the Waterfalls are approachable throughout the year, as it is just 20-22 kms east from State highway. Here the months of rainy and early winter season are most advisable for visiting these wonders. As Panduka village is directly on the State Highway, one can find good hotels, lodges and restaurants in Raipur, Gariyaband and Rajim and can plan their tour-plan from there.
Salient Features

  • Experience being at Jatmai Waterfall:         

This area actually comes under Chhura block of Gariyaband District. Welcoming with the roaring sound of Falls, Jatmai is divine spiritual place famous for its milky waterfall as well as Goddess Durga temple centrally placed in a rocky sanctum in a sharp thin grotto down to middle of the left side of bank of fall. The fall is 20 feet high (approx.) flowing with a milky cascade of Water from upstream. 
 Image: Mata Jatmai Temple

 Image: Jatmai waterfall with temple

  Image: Jatmai waterfall with temple

Both the banks of Jatmai fall are witness of some of the most beautiful temples of district, painted in white colour everywhere, complimenting the milky colour of falls. The upstream can be traversed quite up to a long distance. Tourists love to do hiking and climbing sort of sports. Other than the fame of religious waterfall, this place is also famous for water-sports.

  • Experience being at Ghata-rani Waterfall:

Ghatarani waterfall is a bit larger than Jatmai waterfall and nearly 6kms from Jatmai Waterfall from a kachcha road directly leading to Ghata-rani Waterfall.  Ghatarani is nearly 30-35 feet wide and 25-30 feet in height with a divine sanctum of Goddess Durga on the right bank of fall, which is known as Mata Ghatarani temple. This place too holds the same importance as Jatmai Waterfall. 
 Image: Mata Ghatarani Temple

The upper most side of waterfall is formed as cascade upto first 5 feet, followed by formation of cataract up to 20-25 feet reaching the foot of the falls. The foot of the falls homes a shallow reservoir which is incompatible to store the huge amount of water coming from upstream, hence allows the flow of water downstream again forming gentle low cascades which is completely occupied by devotees and tourists. This place too is famous for water-sports and young people love to do hiking and mountain climbing in this place.  
 Image: Ghatarani Waterfall (with Author)
Image: Ghatarani Waterfall


These sites are perfect picnic spots for youngsters as well as families too. Being the nearest waterfalls from state capital, they have the capacity to become one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Chhattisgarh.

            As there are some good tourist places like Taurenga Reservoir, Kukdha Mini-Dam, Chingra-pagaar Waterfall nearby these marvels, one can plan a tour including these places also. Last but not the least, my special tanks to Mr. Mahendra Sinha and Mr. Verma for their support and time, they have given me for visiting these wonders.

 Note: This citation is a part of my travalogue, my experience while going through the different eco-touristm sites of Gariyaband district. 

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