Chingra-pagaar Waterfall, Baruka, Gariyaband

Chingra-pagaar Waterfall (Baruka, Gariyaband)
(A blog by Jitendra Nakka)


Being one of the most newly formed district, Gariyaband has the potential to be of the most beautiful eco-tourism site of the Central Chhattisgarh. Gariyaband has some of the most beautiful waterfalls of Chhattisgarh, some of which still strive to get recognised in and around the state. One such marvel is “Chingra-pagaar Waterfall”.

 Figure: Chingra-pagaar Waterfall
Photo source: Jitendra Nakka 

Where and how to reach?

            Chingra-pagaar Waterfall is nearly 78kms from State Capital Raipur and nearly 12kms from District Head Quarter. Just 12kms away from Gariyaband, there is a village called Baruka, towards Gariyaband-Rajim State Highway, from where Chingra-pagaar is 3kms east to its front Mountains.
 Figure: Location map of Chingra-pagaar Waterfall
Photo source: (C)

            Waterfall is approachable throughout the year, as it is just 3kms from State highway, but the last 3kms journey is from dense forest with a unmetalled stony Kachcha road, with a lot of undulations and small brooks along the road, which will test the patience of tourist. But a 5-10 mins of patient journey will led to a splendid surprise which is called Chingra-pagaar Waterfall.
Figure: Chingra-pagaar Waterfall with Author

            As told by the local Villagers, that the fall receives water from a hilly brook up from the hill, so it gets dry during summer. Hence the months of rainy and winter season are most advisable for visiting this wonder. As Baruka village is directly on the State Highway, one can find good hotels, lodges and restaurants in Raipur, Gariyaband and Rajim and can plan their tour-plan from there.

Salient Features

            This area actually comes under Gariyaband block of District. The most specific feature during the journey to this marvel is the road track of this hilly terrain, which is fully undulated with slopes somewhere even upto 45 degree. As the soil is sandy, the soil gets attached into the tyre of the bikes, and the tyre gradually slips on the road surface and somewhere its full of boulders and demands the patience of rider.
Figure: Chingra-pagaar Waterfall
Photo source: Jitendra Nakka
            As the tourist reaches near, he/she can be able to hear the roaring sound of fall from a distance of half-kilometer.  Walking along a bouldary path which is complete a dense forest, leaves you spellbound in a mesmerizing natural environment. 
Figure: Way to Chingra-pagaar Waterfall
Photo source: Jitendra Nakka 

            The water from a hilly brook plunges down from a considerable height of 60 feet (approx.) to make this beautiful fall of Chingra-pagaar. The best part of this waterfall is two stage formation where the first stage and second stage of fall are incorporated with each-other, where the first stage is completely steep and gives it a height of 40-45 feet whereas the second stage is 15-20 feet high, hence both the stage combinedly gives it a height of 60 feet, from where the water plunges down a 4-5 feet deep reservoir/pond downside. If rain falls heavily it forms more than one fall laterally parallel to eachother, where the other falls are bit thinner than the central thick fall.
Figure: Chingra-pagaar Waterfall
Photo source: Jitendra Nakka  
 Figure: Reservoir of Chingra-pagaar Waterfall
Photo source: Jitendra Nakka 

            On both the sides of fall, there are steep climbing tracks on the large broken boulders of rocks. Young tourists like to take this place as an ideal adventure site.  

            As there is no proper approach road to this place, this place still strives to drive attention of tourist from in and out of state.  


This site is purely a “silent killer”. If proper attention will be given from local administration, this site has the potential to become one of the most famous waterfalls of state and country. As this place is full of indigenous butterlies, administration can promote this as Butterfly zone. Last but not the least, my special thanks to Mr. Mahendra Sinha and Vermaji for leading me to this mesmerizing place.
Figure: Density of Butterflies in Chingra-pagaar Waterfall
Photo source: Jitendra Nakka 

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