Madku Dweep

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The Bilaspur division of Chhattisgarh is well embraced by lush green forest, hilly areas in the north, and great ancient history. When we talk about ancient history, there are few places in this division, which can astonish you to its extreme, as how that would have happened in the past. One such place is Madku-dweep
  Pic: Front (Left side) view of temples
Situated near calm and silent river Shivnath, Madku dweep is an island of spellbinding beauty with full of greenery. It has an area of around 24 ha and is extremely picturesque. The island of Madku-dweep resembles the shape of a frog (Mandku), hence got its name. 

Where and How to reach?

Madku dweep is situated 25kms far from Bilaspur towards Raipur in NH-130 (old NH-200). It’s nearly 79kms far from Raipur. The nearest railway stations are Bilaspur, Bhatapara and Raipur. And nearest airport is Raipur. Madku-dweep is approachable throughout the year but as it is situated near the bank of River Shivnath and is approachable through Annicut Bridge through Sargaon Village which is nearly 15-20kms from Madku-dweep. 
Pic: Site Location of Madku Dweep (Source: Maps of India)
One more way is through Village Baithalpur, which, too, is on NH-130 (Raipur-Bilaspur Highway) and is just 4kms away from Madku Dweep.
For boarding and lodging, one can take hotels and motels in Bilaspur, which is the nearest big city and a no. of hotels are there, which provide attractive tourist packages for the nearby tourist places.   

Historical and Archeological Importance:

According to Archaeologists, this place is famous for various facts:
(   (1) Here pre-historic stone tools have been discovered and has been reported in India Epigraphy 1959-60 report.
(   (2) Here, two stone inscriptions have been found, where one is in Bramhi script and is of 3rd Century B.C. mentioning the name of Akshaya Nidhi and other one is in Shankha Script.

Religious Importance:

This place is a unique identity for a name called religious harmony. As this place is very famous for the ancient idols of Lord Shiva, Ganesha, Shiv-Parvati, Nandi and many other Gods, there are few new temples also built here which are equally worshipped by the devotees. Religiously, as this place is in the middle of river, it is also renowned as Kedar Tirth and has got the title of Harihar Kshetra Kedar Dweep.
In the month of Paosh Purnima (Chera chera Punni), a 7 day fair is held here. Similarly here Shiv-ratri and Hanuman Jayanti is also celebrated with great devotion.
One more fact which shows the communal and religious harmony of this area is that just beside the archeological excavation of Madku-dweep, Christians too gather for a huge fair every year in the month of February during 10th-18th

Art and Sculpture:

Archeologist went through extensive excavation in this place, and happened to have unearthed 19 ancient temples. Strange is the fact that among these temples, 18 temples are directed towards east direction and one temple (middle one) is directed to west direction. The style of temples and statues formation(including idols of Shivlinga, Ganesh, Shiv Parvati) is quite similar to that of Great Kalchuris
 Pic: Statue of Uma-Maheshwar
Pic: Statue of Lord Shri Ganesha

 Pic: Site Location with Author

 Pic: Front (Left side) view of temples
  Pic: Front (Right side) view of temples

  Pic: Front Back View of temples

After mush research, it was concluded that a mighty overhead flood submerged the whole series of temples in 1.5-2m below ground level.


Here near the bank of Shivnath, there are a lot of relics which are still to be explored, but this is just the beginning. This temple comes under Archeological Survey of India and still hides a great past, a great mystery to be revealed. The basic need is to go for more analyzed research. Here nearby, you can also visit the temples of Tala.

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