Samloor Mahadev Temple

Samloor Mahadev temple
(A blog by Jitendra Nakka) 

There are many untrodden places in Chhattisgarh which are yet to be discovered, and among these places, one such place is Dantewada. Dantewada is the land of many stories, mysteries and a great past.
Past……. which is the evidence of some responsible events happened during the pre-historic period……Past……..which is the proof of some responsible events during the mythological period…….Past……which is the proof of some unique architecture and sculpture during the ancient and medieval history. So… such destination where you can see a perfect combination of ancient art & sculpture, and mythology is the ancient Shiv temple of Samloor Village of Dantewada.
                                                                Courtsey: Om soni

Where and How to reach?

Samloor village is situated on the Geedam-Bijapur road(formerly NH-16). Around 9 km after Geedam, there is one unmetalled road(kachcha road) which goes to Samloor after 3km. On the east of this village, there is one big pond, on the bank of which, there lies the beautiful ancient temple of Lord Shiva. 

                                                                   Courtsey: Om soni
                                                              Courtsey: Om soni

As this place is very near to Geedam, Samloor is approachable directly from Geedam. Chhattisgarh tourism board has made a good guest house in the village of Haaram, in the middle of Geedam-Dantewada road. For the ease of tourist, there is one rest house of forest department also, there in Dantewada. It is advisable to take meal from Geedam, as this place very near to Samloor and is a very important trade centre of South Bastar.


Mythological Importance:

According to Vedic belief, making Pond/Reservoir leads to Salvation, hence in the olden days, people were conscious about making water bodies. Hence near all the major archeological places, you can see a no. of water bodies.

According to our mythological belief, once there lived a demon king, Banasur who was a great worshipper of Lord Shiva. It is believed that he used to bath in this holy pond and used to do Morning Prayer in this temple.

Historical Importance:

According to Archaeologists, the dynasty of Gang vansh and Chhindak Nag vansh were great admirers of art and sculpture and near the adjoining areas of Barsur(as Samloor too comes near the archeological town of Dantewada), they built a lot of ponds and temples including the areas of Nelasnaar, Bade Tumnaar, Samloor e.t.c. The temple of Samloor too seems to look alike the temples of Barsur, denoting the same age of formation. It is believed to have probably built around 10th Century A.D.

Religious Importance:

The Mahadev temple of Samloor holds great importance in the surrounding areas, as they had great faith in Lord Shiva and here, a big fair occurs on the occasion of Maha-shiv-raatri. 

Art and Sculpture:

This temple has a huge shivling of something around 2.25 feets and has a circumference of around 3 feets. The temple gives an impression of square like formation. The different style of encarvings can be hardly observed in this temple. The roof of the garbha-griha is quite high upto more than 20feets. But as this is hardly visited and maintained by archeological department , the temple is slowing becoming weathered and ruined and still strives for attention.
                                                                       Courtsey: Om soni

                                                               Courtsey: Om soni


Here near the bank of Indravati, there are a lot of relics which are still to be explored, but this is just the beginning. This temple comes under Archeological Survey of India, Raipur and still hides a great past, a great mystery to be revealed. The basic need is to go for more analyzed research. Here you can also visit the temple of Goddess Kolkaamini, who is considered the deity of the local people.


                                           Mata Kolkaamini temple  Courtsey: Om soni

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