Barsur saat dhaar waterfall

 Saat-Dhaar Waterfall, Barsur

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A district of divine pilgrim……..a district of history……… a district of archaeology……….. a district of customs and tradition……… a district of bull-hump shaped series of mountains……….a district of waterfalls………what else can be a better metaphor for the district of Dantewada. If ever heard about any waterfall of district of Dantewada, the first name which comes in mind is the waterfall of “Saat-dhaar”. 
                                                                   Courtsey: Om Soni

Where and How to reach?

Saat-dhaar waterfall is located around 8 kilometers away to the north of main city of Barsur. After reaching Saat-dhaar bridge, we have to walk over to a couple of kilometers more following the stream flow of Indravati river.

Barsur is located 22kms away from Geedam towards Jagdalpur-Bijapur road. Just after a couple of kilometers from Geedam towards Bijapur, there is a metalled path moving right and leads to the lush green valley and passage of Barsur. Barsur is located 99kms away from Jagdalpur towards Bijapur. From Raipur, its nearly 400 kms away. 
                                                               Courtsey: Om Soni

The city of Barsur is approachable throughout all the seasons of a year. But to enjoy watching this waterfall, you can opt the month from October to February. The nearest railway station is Geedam. But for better lodging and boarding, Dantewada and Jagdalpur can be your best option. 

Salient Features:

Starting from Kalahandi of Orissa, Indravati rivers traverses miles of distances to reach Barsur, where a little suspended and a little deposited, the stream flow has to go through a lot of boulder placers. And due to these placers, you can walk through and enjoy the stream water and placer view also. The area is full of greenery and here, Indravati swells to its most widest form, which after flowing along a mile of distance, disperses into seven small streams and again plunges down to again show the gigantic width of Indravati. 
                                                                   Courtsey: Om Soni

Watching a major stream dividing itself into seven smaller streams, again regaining its form, will make u spellbind, such that u never wanna come back again. Just sit at the site, and enjoy this marvel. This phenomenon of divinding of a river and regaining its actual form is called “braiding”. It’s a kind of geological phenomenon.


If ever you get a chance to visit this marvel, please don’t think the bridge to site of waterfall, as the bridge too is called as Saat-dhaar bridge. Do take a walk of couple of miles more, ‘coz then only you will be able to see the marvel of Saat-dhaar waterfall. 
                                                                    Courtsey: Om Soni

(Note: A part of this citation is inspired from the facts given by Dr. Suresh Tiwari. I pay my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Suresh Tiwari for inspiring me by writing such a great book- “Bastar-Paryatan, Itihaas  aur  Sanskriti”.I also extend my thanks to Mr. Om Soni for helping in getting data and photographs of this area.)

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