Phoolpaad Waterfall, Bailadela, Dantewara

Phoolpaad Waterfall, Bailadela, Dantewara
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Chhattisgarh is the home of one of the most mesmerizing valleys, enchanting mountains, inviting rivers, wonderful caves and some of the most exotic waterfalls. It’s something like, even GOD too would say, -“man….!! I have given something great to this land”. And that’s nature at its best.
Chhattisgarh comprises of some of the most untrodden valleys, some of the rivers about which very few people are known, some of the waterfalls which are still virgin. Let’s move on to the southern part of Chhattisgarh which is the actual crown of tourism of this state. Whether may be the matter of culture, history or tourism, Bastar is rich in everything, in every aspect. Talking about Bastar, the first thing which comes in mind…are the beautiful falls of Tirathgarh and Chirakote and the wonderful caves of Kutumsar. But…….the word”Bastar” denotes a full division comprising of 7 districts with God gifted natural beauty. And one such beautiful destination is “Phoolpaad” waterfall (फूलपाड़ जलप्रपात) of Dantewara district.
Phoolpaad Waterfall
Courtsey: Sarit Kumar Watti
Where and How to reach?
Phoolpaad is located in the kuwakonda block of Dantewara district. From Kirandul, this exotic place is just 18 km away in the Kirandul-Palnaar road. There is one more way to reach this place. On the way from Dantewara to Bailadela, there is a triangular square which divide the path to Sukma and Bailadela from Dantewara. Going ahead to this route, we have to cross the villages like Nakulnaar, Palnaar. After 5kms to Palnaar, we can observe the beginning of a small valley called Aranpur Valley (अरनपुर घाटी ). In the laps of this valley, there is one small village called “Phoolpaad”. Just after 2kms from this village, there is rainy brook which falls from a great height and form this beautiful waterfall.
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                  Fig: A scenic view of Beautiful Aranpur Valley at Phoolpaad waterfall

For the comfort of Tourist, State Govt. has made one beautiful tourist motel house in Haaram (a small village between Geedam & Dantewara). Also the District Forest department has some comfortable rest houses for the official and tourist people. The nearest railway station is Kirandul (nearly 18kms away). And if you are in search of some good and cozy boarding and lodging, then Jagdalpur can be your best option and has the capacity to offer some great holiday tourist packages all around Bastar.
The best time to see this waterfall is the season from the end of rainy season to the mid of summers i.e. from mid of October to March-April. In the rainy season, it displays its most rapid, thrilling and beautiful form, but the width of fall decreases at the time of summers.
Salient Features:
Just on the way to reach this beautiful waterfall, walking down the meadows, you can start hearing the roaring of this marvel. Because this stream is a not perennial river, and depends on rain for its recharge and discharge amount, it roars immensely with a great sound and great amount of water at the time of rainy season. 
                              Fig: Phoolpaad waterfall          photograph by: Om Soni
As you reach near to this fall, you can feel that this rainy stream falls from a great height of nearly 125 feets(approx.) and forms this mesmerizing waterfall. Tourist who all have visited this fall share their experience with joy, smile and contentment. Some of them told that it seems to be falling from a height greater than that of Tirathgarh.
The route for going downstream seems a little risky. But the young daredevils can try their best through the help of surrounding forest (trees and bushes). In the end of this fall, we can observe one reservoir where this stream water gets collected. But as this stream flows down to a forest area, after sometime, it seems disappearing from our sight. Due to its beautiful look, local people used to call it “Phoolpad Indul” (फूलपाड़ इंदुल ).
Being a known tourist place by the local guys, the mesmerizing marvel still strives for the attention of people. Earlier local bodies made stairs and tried to develop it, for the ease of tourist to reach this wonderful tourist spot, but the ignorance is so much that this spot still search for its position, its name and fame. It too depends upon the state Govt. also to search and develop such places as the budding tourist spots for the betterment and development of this area.
So if you say- “size does matter”; if you wanna visit one of the most virgin waterfalls of Chhattisgarh, do visit Phoolpaad waterfall.
Note: A part of this citation is inspired by the facts given by Dr.Suresh Tiwari. I pay my reverence for such a great writer of this soil for writing such an interesting book called “BASTAR – Paryatan, Itihaas, aur Sanskriti”.
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