Tirathgarh Waterfall

Tirathgarh WaterFall as said in title can be claimed as "Milky Fall" because of its white colour it looks like milk is falling. The Tirathgarh Waterfall is very beautiful as one can see in the following picture. Tirathgarh Waterfall is surrounded by greenery as it is loacted in the forest which enhances the beauty of the fall. The post will reveal the various facts about this wonderful fall.
Tirathgarh waterfall

Photograph by : David Sumit Tirkey

How to Reach
To visit Tirathgarh, one will have to reach to jagdalpur. in Bastar district Jagdalpur is connected by bus to Raipur and Hyderabad, and by train to Vishakhapatnam. Tirathgarh is 35 Km away from Jagdalpur. It takes a drive of about an Hour to reach Tirathgarh.

Mystic View Tirathgarh

Before talking about the fall, let me tell you the drive to the fall goes through Kanger Valley National Park. The road drives through dense forest, misty views filling you with joy and enthusiasm. Unlike Chitrakot, here you will have to pay for ticket but let me tell you u there is a way u can skip the ticket but for that u will need a drive of 6km more along with a person who knows the way.

 Tirathgarh waterfall
Photograph by: Jitendra Nakka

Here also it is best to bring the snacks from Jagdalpur or home. One will have to climb down the stair-case to have view of the fall. The surrounding is filled with greenery; one can peek through the trees to have view of fall. At the bottom one can have the clear view of the fall. The water looks very white like milk. The place is wide open so that one can enjoy. This is the place to have your snacks, click snaps and enjoy the view.
Tirathgarh waterfall bottom

Photograph by : David Sumit Tirkey

If you think you have seen a lot let me tell you there is lot to come. This is not the end of fall as I already said the Tirathgarh fall has multiple splits, one can move further down through staircase which enables u to see the dimension of fall which u cannot see from top. Here water directly falls i.e. it is not staircase falling. One can bath here easily and enjoy a lot. The picture shows the fall at the bottom. Don't miss this but it is insisted to older people not to become here as it will be very tiresome. Also one will have to take care of children avoiding any accidents.

Red Rock
Photograph by: Mr. Roopesh Kohad

Tirathgarh fall is surrounded by the beautiful hills adding to the beauty as you can see in this awesome picture taken by Mr. Roopesh Kohad. The best time to visit Tirathgarh is Rainy Season i.e. from July to December. The visit will fill you with joy and memories of unforgettable moment’s you have lived in Tirathgarh - The Milky Fall!!! Hope you enjoy reading blog! and provide your valuable comments this will keep me motivated.

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