Bastar Shiv Temple


Guys!! Forgive me ‘coz I am back again with yet another story of Bastar. Yes, Bastar, a tribal paradise, a virgin odyssey, a mystery. What else can be a better adjective for it? Isn't it?
Sometimes even on having something very near to us , we remain ignorant of the facts, and behave like an ignorant person. Bastar is a live example of it. Being a historical place, and such a promising tourist site, Bastar would have given equal importance at par with other famous historical sites of India, but no one took the initiative. The condition grew more, when the temple and other historical monuments were not even taken care by the governing bodies. Still there are many places in Bastar where valuable monuments are barely exposed and striving for attention. The best examples one can say are the areas of Barsur and Bhairamgarh.
Ok, back to my subject!! Few days back, me and Ashish (my best friend) visited a magnificent, ancient temple called as Shiv Temple of Bastar Village.

Bastar Shiv Temple
Fig: Bastar Village Shiva Temple (photographs by: Jitendra Nakka)

Where and how to reach?

Bastar is a small village which lies on the NW of the District Head Quarter, Jagdalpur, around 20 km away from it. Due to its image as transport junction (as it lies in the mid way of NH-43 between Jagdalpur and Raipur) and other usefulness, it has been recently upgraded as Tehsil. It is nearly 270-280 km from State capital, Raipur. As it is directly connected by NH-43, road transport is the best means to reach here. This temple site is approachable nearly in all the seasons of a year.

Bastar Map
Fig: by the courtsey of

As for the ease of the visitors and tourists, Govt. of Chhattisgarh has taken utmost care for the propagation and knowledge of the nearby surrounding areas. For Boarding and Lodging, there are numerous comfortable and luxurious hotels in Jagdalpur, which often provide tour packages of the whole area, division and district.
On the way of NH-43, Chhattisgarh tourism Board has also made an awesome motel in village Asna, which is also considered as the NW outstation of the District Head-Quarter. Even District Forest Rest House is also available for the interested tourists. But for lodging in any of the two, you have to take permission from the respective authorities.

Historical Importance:

The history of this site is still in dilemma. All we know is from local citizens only, as there is no enough data or written literature about it. It is believed that by the thought of changing the capital region, the kaktiya rulers migrated from Dantewara to Jagdalpur. But before coming to Jagdalpur, they stayed near a village called Bastar, and then finally , they made Jagdalpur, as their capital and renowned their State (kingdom) as Bastar state. It is believed that this temple also belong to that period only.

Archeological Importance:

Still there is need of much research work to be done on the area of the Bastar tehsil, as the area suffers lack of enough historical data to bring out a clear picture. Currently, it’s a protected monument under the control of Archeological Survey of India, Raipur Circle. You would like to know that in the nearby surrounding area, archeologists have found few ancient coins telling about the rich ancient culture.

Religious Importance:

It holds much importance for the people because it is the only and most ancient(of archeological importance) temple found in the district, where people like to come from all parts of the country. On the occasion of Maha-Shivratri, this temple gets flooded by the worshippers and believers.

Art and Sculpture:

Small but truly magnificent, this temple comprises of two rooms/chambers. The first room is for offering prayers and rituals by the worshippers, while the second or the final room is also called ‘Garbha Griha’ where the one and a half feet long ‘Ling’ of Lord Shiva is centrally placed. Except priest, no one is allowed to go up till there. Just before the entrance of Garbha-griha, there are idols of two dwarpals on the either side of the entrance.

ancient idol
Fig: dwarpals before the main entrance of Garbha-Griha (photographs by: Ashish Gadpale)

shiv ling
Fig: Centrally placed Shiv Ling (photographs by: Jitendra Nakka)

Chhattisgarh Temple

Fig: left lateral view of back side of the temple (photographs by: Jitendra Nakka)

The whole temple is made over a two feet high stage and its outer wall of the temple reflects an spectacular example of sculpture symmetry on the either side of the outer walls. The back side is also equally magnificent in sculpture. From an outer view we can observe a short spire like dome artistically carved on the roof of the Garbha-Griha.


On the conclusion, I should say, that if you want to see one of the most worthseeing ancient archeological temple, if you want to see some of the most rich art and sculpture of the dynasties of this region, do visit BASTAR SHIV TEMPLE.

(Note: Please do tell your near and dear ones about the virgin sites of Chhattisgarh 'coz this site is made only to unveil such kind of mysteries which are still hidden or unexplored, 'coz the name of our site itself denotes QUEST CHHATTISGARH.)

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