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The post gives an general introduction about various tribes of Chhattisgarh. Each of the tribes have different culture, traditions, beliefs i.e. altogether different lifestyle. Chhattisgarh can be developed as a hub for Tribal Tourism as it has diversified cultures and traditions. Chhattisgarh inhabits tribes living from centuries whose practices are still the same and are not affected by modernization hence the culture is preserved.

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There are various tribal Castes in Chhattisgarh as:-

Gonds:-also identified as Koytorias are the most popular, oldest and largest tribal group of central India. There inhabitant is in dense forest in Southern Bastar District. They are well known for Ghotul System of Marriges. They depend on agriculture, forestry, hunting, fisheries. The term Gond comes from Telgu word "Kond" which meaning hill. The three principal sub-caste of Gonds are Dorla, Maria and Murla Races.

Abhuj Maria:- one of the primitive races which are aloof from the changes in modern society, they live in the area known as Abhujmar. The area is covered by dense forest, the tribes are of ferocious nature and keep themselves at a distance from mankind. I came to know that they cover themselves with Lion Cloth and might directly shoot arrows on strangers. Let me tell you they live in most dangerous and unexplored areas of Chhattisgarh.

Bison Horn Maria:- located in the south of Indravati River i.e. the lifeline for Bastar. The tribes wore Bison Horn Headgear in the dances and rituals. They worship Earth as Deity and hence depends upon the collection of food from forest, also for agriculture they use stones as there tools as they dont want hurt mother Earth.

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Muria:- live in open valleys unlike Abhuj Maria, Gonds. They are also located in Bastar, They grow rice for food and also depend on forest resources. The people also practice dark magic and wizadry.

Halba:- These tribes are dispersed all over Chhattisgarh. Chhattisgaria, Bastariya and Maratia are three sub-clans of the Halba Tribes. The tribes are primarily farmers.

Bhatra:- The tribes are located in Bastar and Raipur District. They rank 1st here in terms of social hierarchy.

Dhurvaa:- The tribes are located in Bastar. they are caste cautious and are in terms with the people of equal status. The tribes depend on agriculture and are good craftsman made of forest products and cane.

The above are the major tribes of Chhattisgarh with some general information. I am sure the post will surely compel you to explore and research more about tribes of Chhattisgarh. 

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