Tribal Culture

Tribal Culture of Chhattisgarh is not only well known in India but also in the world. Tribes of Chhattisgarh inhabit in the dense forest are living from centuries and are known for there Cultures, Superstitious and Traditions. There are various tribal groups in Chhattisgarh which are different from each other in lifestyle, traditions and culture. Bastar is largest tribal district of Chhattisgarh with one-third of its population as tribes which constitutes about 26.6% of tribal population of Chhattisgarh.

India TribesTribes
The tribes of Chhattisgarh are known for there dances, the music, the traditions, lifestyle. They differ on there eating habits, rituals, dialects etc. Even financially the tribes are very poor and considered backwards but there is no effect of this on them as they are very fun loving and have there own means of enjoyment. The tribes can be differentiated by the cloths, ornaments, dialects.

Tribal DanceTribe Dance

Dusherra is the main festival of the tribes. If one to get glimpse of tribal culture, one should come in the time of Dusherra ie. September-October. The Dusherra festival is different from that of North India and no Ravana is burnt here. However a beautiful (Chariot) Rath decorated with flowers is prepared and pulled by the tribes. All the tribes gather at the Danteshwari temple at Dantewada to worship Danteshwari Mata. The festival reflects colour of tribal culture, the rituals, the dances, the music, the women decorated with ornaments and traditional cloths all at one place. This is a must watch!!!

Tribal MairrageTribal Marraige

Each of the chhattisgarh tribes have a different culture and traditions. For discovering diversified cultures and traditions Chhattisgarh is the most suited and preffered locations for you. In my opinion Chhattisgarh is the best location for tribal tourism in India

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