Spring Water

Bentjharan is a spring of water which has resulted in creation of a patch of dense greenery in a small patch. Bentjharan name is made of two letters "Bent" and "Jharan where "Bent" is a name of plant or tree found mostly in this patch and "Jharan" means source of water. The place is awesome in terms of calmness and beauty that it portrays. So, this means Chhattisgarh Tourism has also got a Spring in its belt.

spring water lake
Bentjharan is located about 36 km away from Jagdalpur near a village known as Jaitgiri in Bakawand Block. The best part about this place is one can visit this any time of the year. There is also a very famous and old Temple 12km away from Bentjharan known as Jaitgiri Temple. People from distant places come to visit the Temple.When i was first time going to visit Bentjharan i had no idea about it. One moment i was in a pace surrounded by dry land with a little sign of greenery but after hardly 7-8 min i was surrounded by dense bunch of trees. Then there was a temple which is usual for most of the tourist places in Chhattisgarh. The whole area is surrounded by greenery making me feel that we are totally in a new world.small lakeThere were a lot of trees arising from the spring of water creating a swamp. These types of trees are never seen by me i don't have the picture to show you. But they are beautiful and amazing to see, the place has also many different type of plants. The trees here are very large and you can find a large number of bats are inhabiting in these trees. There are few beautiful termite mounds (Deemak ki Bambi) about 6ft tall and are nice to see.

Bentjharan can be nice pick for having picnic. Children can have lot of fun, but one has to be careful as one can easily find snakes and poisonous insects in the area. I think Chhattisgarh Tourism should put more effort to develop this place. Villagers nearby are cutting trees regularly which is a danger for beauty of this area. which should be prevented.

One can easily spend hours sitting in Bentjharan and analyzing its beauty. Bentjharan is calm, quite, amazing and one of its own kind. Hope you enjoy reading blog i will try to provide more information on Chhattisgarh ie. Chhattisgarh Facts, Chhattisgarh Cultures, Chhattisgarh Tourism, Chhattisgarh Nature so do keep visiting and provide your valuable comments this will keep me motivated.

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