Handawada Waterfall

Handawada Waterfall


Yes, it is true…Chhattisgarh is full of surprises and so the division of Bastar. Interesting to know that Chhattisgarh is one of the most undiscovered states of India, in which one of the most untouched divisions is Bastar. Mostly people think, the district of Dantewara, Bijapur and Narayanpur are known for sensitive activities only, but very few people know that these districts are the home of some of the most exotic and beautiful waterfalls, caves and valleys namely Usur waterfall, Usur caves, Tular caves, Lankapalli waterfall, Shakalnarayan cave, Bogtum waterfall, Saath-dhaar waterfall e.t.c. One such virgin waterfall is “Handawada waterfall”(also called as Milkulwada-Handawada waterfall)

Handawada waterfall
 Courtsey: Om Soni

When and how to reach?

In Bastar division, Barsur (comes under Dantewada district) is considered as the ‘southern gate-way’ of the Abujhmaad mountains. Travelling on NH-16, after 77 km from Jagdalpur, comes Geedam, from where to the north just after 22kms, lies the artistic town of Barsur…From where the road crossing Saath-dhaar bridge over river Indravati goes upto Handawada(a tribal forest village), which lies 40km away from Barsur, in the block Orchha of Narayanpur district.

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But remember!!! The way after Saath-dhaar bridge is unmetalled (Kachha road) and suitable only for walk or two-wheelers. And one thing more, that you have three or more mountainous nalas, coming in the way. For the reason, that Handawada is a forest village and approach road is unmetalled, the best time to visit this place is from December till May. The Govt. is authorized to open this path from 20th of January. For four-wheelers, summer is the best season(but be ready along with extra materials, food items as the way after saath-dhaar bridge is nearly a no-mans land path). As the area is completely covered by shaded teak(saagon) and other mixed forests, you can notice wild animals crossing along either of your road-side.
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Courtsey: Om Soni

Being in Handawada……

What should I depict? Beauty has just hugged this place through the arms of nature. The whole way, you can able to hear the roaring sound of mountainous rivers, along with facing fierce sloping U and V turns….as you complete this mammoth task, you can able to see village of beautiful small huts called Handawada. In this village, the department of tribal development has established an ‘’Aashram” from where you can start hearing the humming sound of waterfall. The next 3 km of distance can be covered only by walk, ending up of which you can see this beautiful waterfall. It is considered to be one of the highest waterfalls of Bastar division. Starting from mountains and flowing as a mountainous stream, the “Goyder Nala” falls from a great height and appears like cutting the under lain rocks, and finally forming a natural lake like reservoir (kund).
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The Govt. should try to develop road and bridges along the way so as to develop this fall as one of the upcoming famous tourist site….The ignorance is so much that even the local people nearby don’t know about this marvel…..
It is an appeal to all of you, if you wanna discover some of the most undiscovered, most untouched part of Chhattisgarh, do visit Bastar…….if you wanna admire some of the exotic natural beauties, do visit Dantewada………….if you are a daredevil and want to enjoy an adventurous trip by praising a completely virgin waterfall………do visit HANDAWADA WATERFALL….;)

Note: A part of this citation is inspired by the facts given by Dr.Suresh Tiwari. I pay my reverence for such a great writer of this soil for writing such an interesting book called “BASTAR – Paryatan, Itihaas, aur Sanskriti”.

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