Narayanpal Temple

Narayanpal Temple
by Jitendra Nakka
Chhattisgarh is full of surprises. As we know occupied by majority of the tribes, this land always tells about some of the interesting stories of the folks, but along with the tribes, there were some great dynasties also who contributed a lot to the history of Chhattisgarh like the dynasties of Cholas, Chalukyas, Nagwanshis , kaktiyas etc.
In the area of Bastar division, still the remains of devastated monoliths ( Bhairamgarh), Wrecked and devastated temple series of Bhairamgrah, Barsur, Chitrakote, Dantewara, Kuruspal tells that once there was a well civilized golden age in Bastar. Likewise one such important temple is the temple of NARAYANPAL.

Vishnu Temple
Fig: Narayanpal Vishnu Temple Photograph by: Jitendra Nakka
When and how to reach?
The temple of Narayanpal is on the North-west of the Divisional and District head Quarter of Bastar i.e Jagdalpur and lies on the famous Chitrakote Road, near the confluence of River Indravati and River Narangi.It is nearly 37 km away from jagdalpur.
For reaching upto here, we have travel on Chitrakote road upto Lohandiguda, from where we can see a pool or bridge constructed on river Indravati. Crossing the bridge and travelling again just upto 2 km more, we can reach this village. As the bridge is quite high ( no need to worry for rains), and the village being directly connected from Chitrakote road, it is easily reachable all over the year.

Chhattisgarh Map
Fig: Geographic location of Narayanpal Village (by the courtesy of
Many hotels are available at Jagdalpur with a good lodging and boarding facilities, and some of them even provide tour packages also. So in that sense it may be a great deal for you. Some of the good hotels are Hotel Akash, Hotel Akanksha, Hotel Rainbow , Hotel Ganapati resort, Hotel Naman Bastar etc.
For the comfort of tourists, Chhattisgarh touris Board has made some beautiful motels and hotels on Chitrakote waterfall, which is just 5 km away from this temple.
Narayanpal Vishnu Temple
Fig: Narayanpal Vishnu Temple Photograph by: Jitendra Nakka

Historical Importance:
It is believed that this divine temple has been established by the Queen Gund-Mahadevi, wife of Dharavarhsa Jagdek Bhushan, Chhindak Nagwanshi Dynasty ruler of around 11th century A.D.
But here there is one contradiction also, according to other belief this magnificent temple has been established by the mother of Nagwanshi ruler Someshwar, around 12th century A.D.
Vishnu Temple
Fig: Narayanpal Vishnu Temple Photograph by: Jitendra Nakka

Archeological Importance:
There is still the need of more research work on this area of Chhattisgarh, as it lacks enough amount of historical information to bring a clear picture. The Archeological Survey of India has taken an initiative to excavate the nearby area of the bank of river Indravati in order to acquire more information about the area. This temple is now under the care of Archeological Survey of India and is a centrally protected monument by ASI, Raipur circle.

Chhattisgarh Tourism
Fig:Notice Board Photograph by: Jitendra Nakka

Religious Importance:
It is one of the most important temple of Bastar region, as it is the one of the rarest example of Lord Vishnu temple in Bastar. Local people celebrate a kind of festival (called ‘jatra’ ) and local fair is also held on, at the time of beginning of the year.

Narayanpal Vishnu Templ
Fig: Narayanpal Vishnu Temple Photograph by: Jitendra Nakka

Art and Sculpture:
Situated on the bank of confluence of river Indravati and river Narangi(which is a tributary of Indravati), this temple is an exotic example of the Nagawanshi Art and Sculpture. The temple consists of two chambers, in which the first chamber is meant for offering prayers and the second chamber is Garbha-Griha, where the divine ancient idol of Lord Vishnu is centrally placed.
The temple from outside gives an artistic example of symmetry of the designs on the either walls of the temple. The roof of the Garbh-Griha shows an example of dome-shaped high roofs, which probably resembles like the temple construction style of Orissa.
Vishnu Temple
Fig: Narayanpal Vishnu Temple Photograph by: Jitendra Nakka

This beautiful temple is an artistic example of construction of temple over a stage formation, where the stage is about 1 meter of height.

Vishnu Idol
Fig: Narayanpal Vishnu Temple Photograph by: Jitendra Nakka

Being in the laps of Holy River Indravati and famous Chitrakote Waterfalls, this village has got a god gifted unique natural beauty which is doubled by the presence of this ancient monument. So if you wanna see an exotic example of one of the rarest example of Lord Vishnu temple, do visit NARAYANPAL.

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