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Kanger Dhara

Kanger Dhara

There are many parts of India, which are still so undiscovered, so untouched, so unexplored. Being a newly formed state and coming under the central province, Chhattisgarh is the most untouched state of India.
For the scope of adventure and tourism, Chhattisgarh is the most promising state of Central India, as it has the natural gifts of the districts like Sarguja, and Bastar, which represents the tourism of Chhattisgarh in the whole country and world.
In the south of Chhattisgarh, lies the district of Bastar which has been given incredible beauty of nature by God in the form of Kanger Valley National Park. This Kanger Valley is embraced and bestowed by many beautiful caves and waterfalls. One such waterfall is KANGER DHARA.
Kanger Dhara
(Photographed by: Jitendra Nakka)
When and How to Reach?
The Kanger Valley National Park lies to the South of District Head Quarter, Jagdalpur, nearly 36 kilometers away from it. As it is directly connected from District Head Quarter, Jagdalpur, we can reach here by bus route directly i.e. from Hyderabad (NH-16), and from Raipur via Jagdalpur (NH-43). By train route, the district Head Quarter is directly connected to Bhubaneswar and Vishakhapatnam. For reaching Kanger Dhara, one should get the concerned permission and tickets from the District Forest Office. This helps us to hire any guide officially. This facility is provided by the Forest office at Forest Barrier at the start of Kanger Valley. Reaching 6 kilometers inside, we can refresh ourselves at the beautiful rest house of Kanger valley, from where the Kanger Dhara Water Falls is just 3 kilometers away.
Kanger Valley National Park
Photo: Entrance of Kanger Valley National Park
The best season for reaching this park is from winters up to summers, after which the park closes for the tourist from the beginning of Monsoons in the month of July, but as obvious, waterfall can be best viewed in the rainy season, we can also enjoy it at the beginning of winters.
Salient Features:
Being in the laps of Kanger Valley, Kanger Dhara waterfalls is actually produced in the Kanger River due to presence of undulating rocks present there. Geologists suggest that the respective area was a sedimentary terrain, later intruded by Igneous rock bodies, due to which, the area has got such folded structures.
Just at the beginning of the downstream of Kanger river, when the river falls from undulating folded rocks, present a magnificent view of small cascades of water fall, which forms beautiful Kanger Dhara.
Kanger Dhara
(Photographed by: Jitendra Nakka)

Guys, It’s a suggestion to all of you who want to enjoy your holiday trip to Kanger Dhara, go with a lot of food and drinks, ‘coz you can’t resist yourself by breaking your body by tiredness and fatigue, ‘coz that will surely be an adventurous trip for you. .Myself, being a geology student, do invite you to get the best of Kanger Dhara, as it is a geological paradise.

Kanger Valley
                                             (Photographed by: Jitendra Nakka) 

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Bhainsa Darha, Lake, Crocodile, Forest, Kanger Valley, Chattisgarh, Nature

Bainsa Darha beautiful lake located in Kanger Valley National Park in Chhattisgarh State. Not a bit less beautiful as compared to famous spots of Chhattisgarh like Chitrakot fall, Tirathgarh fall or the caves. Chhattisgarh Tourism Board should highlight this place as it has everything to become an awesome tourist destination. I have tagged Bhainsa Darha as a place of Adventure, Danger & Gracefulness of Nature. The reason being:-

Adventure:- Going through the forest where the sunlight cannot reach easily.

Danger:- Danger lies in the way as the roads are not good and Crocodiles are there in lake, with no security persons, So enter at your own Risk also " No Mobile Coverage".

Graceful:- A lake gracefully sitting in lush greenery surrounded by mountains and bamboo forest depicting the beauty of nature in its divine form.

How to Reach:-

To visit Bhainsa Darha, one will have to reach to jagdalpur. Jagdalpur is in Chhattisgarh and is connected by bus to Raipur and Hyderabad, and by train to Vishakhapatnam. Bhainsa Darha is 65 Km away from Jagdalpur and lies in Kanger Valley National Park which is the host for famous tourism spots like Tirathgarh Fall, Kutumsar Cave and Kailash Gufa. It takes a drive of about two hour to reach Bhainsa Darha. The best time to visit is during winter season. Remember during Rainy Season Roads are closed. It is risky to go on bike as roads are not good. Its a dense forest so if vehicle got punctured then no one will be there to help you. Also no mobile coverage. So you are trapped.Always prefer 4 wheeler especially going with family.

Visit to Bhainsa Darha
The roads are at terrible condition, let me make clear when i say road then you will find some area without grass which will give you indication where to move.There are big rocks lying on road, the roots of big trees can also be found blocking the roads. The road is full of up and down, so be careful while driving. The slopes are so scary that at one instant it can take your bike speed above 70km without accelerating and it goes on increasing unless you apply the brakes which you obviously have to. And at some places you have to accelerate the bike at first gear and still you might find difficult to take on the bike. The max speed you may achieve is 20 km. So the road is actually cool for Bike riders with no workshops nearby. And yeah take a mask and wear dirty cloths as dust will be throughout the way. I have suffered so better you don't. Chhattisgarh Tourism should take step to improve the roads so  more and more people can enjoy the beauty of the lake.

But going through forest where the sunlight is not able to penetrate, is truly an experience one should have. Beginning with huge Sal trees later Bamboo forest. The thick bamboo forest will truly scare you. Go early in the morning would be the best option. Also pack the food as you will not find anything there. Reach Early Leave early.... .
You will have no idea of the lake moments before you reach the lake as its hidden by thick forest. Its crystal clear water of kanger River lying still with no ripples as if it is saying you have all the time in the world. Telling you to be calm and keep enjoying the moment. Its surrounded by mountains with thick greenery from all sides. The watch tower is situated at Bhainsa Darha gives an awesome view of lake. The thick bamboo forest  The place has crocodiles and tortoise so enter at your own risk. Better not to visit with kids or elder people.

Those people who know meditation will surely love this place to sit and meditate. Lakes like Bhainsa Darha are surely difficult to find as it is untouched by human influence and is in its pure form. Located in middle of forest and surrounded by mountains. Crocodiles roaming freely as if they are claiming its there lake. Difficulty to reach easily also gives a sense of accomplishment. So many emotions gets evolved after visiting the lake. You will surely feel happy after visiting the Lake.

Its sorry to say but i don't have any pictures of Bhainsa Darha, so if you get any or have any do send it to me. I will put the picture of Bhainsa Darha in this post mentioning your name. Also do comment in the post so that it keeps me improving and motivated to reveal more aspects of Chhattisgarh State.

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