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Tamra Ghoomar

After talking about the famous falls of Chitrakot and Tirathgarh, lets move towards some underexplored places. Tamra Ghoomar is another beautiful waterfall and a scenic place near Chitrakot. Tamra Ghoomar is located in a very beautiful location, the place is surrounded by greenery. Not many people know about this place, this is an added advantage as this place is in raw form and there has been no effect of tourism in this place. So lets explore the aspects of Tamra Goomar.

Tamra GhoomarView from Road to Tamra Ghoomar
How to Reach:

To visit Tamra Ghoomar, one will have to reach to jagdalpur. Jagdalpur is in Chhattisgarh and is connected by bus to Raipur and Hyderabad, and by train to Vishakhapatnam. Tamra Ghoomar is 45 Km away from Jagdalpur and 10 km away from Chitrakot. It takes a drive of about an Hour to reach Tamra Ghoomar.The best time to visit is after rainy season i.e. one can visit Tamra Ghoomar after August. At this time the fall is in full bloom. I would insist if you are a group of young people, u should prefer bikes to go.

Being in Tamra Ghoomar:-

Tamra GhoomarTamra Ghoomar Fall

If you are going by bike to Tamra Ghoomar then i assure u, that you will enjoy the ride, the ride goes through up and down hills surrounded by beautiful locations and various waterfalls. There are are various spots to the ride to Tamra Ghoomar where one can stop for a while and enjoy the beauty of nature. One can also watch indravati river during the ride. One thing you will have to do consistently is to ask about the road to Tamra Ghoomar otherwise you will end in going somewhere else.
Mystic ViewMystic View
Ok, once you reach Tamra Ghoomar you can see beautiful stream of water surrounded by trees on both sides, some beautifully cut rocks. Here one can enjoy in water and have fun. This is a good place to have bath. If you move towards the upper side you can see the water coming through forest, the view is ausum. You can see the branches of trees touching water.
Again for food you will not get anything here, get it packed from Jagdalpur or you can go to Chitrakot which is 13km away from here to get some snacks, advised to bring food from home. This is a good picnic location.
Visit to Tamra GhoomarPeople having fun
Well when go downside there lies a dead end, and u can see the water falling 100m down. Well its difficult to see from the top directly so you will have to come around to get proper view. Its a pleasure to see the water falling, also a rainbow is formed which increases the beauty. The cutting of the rocks are pleasent to watch, the water flows down through the greenery which makes a very splendid view.
If you like tracking, then Tamra Ghoomar is the place for it. There is a track that goes to bottom of the fall, but it takes around 1:30 hr to go there by walking, the track goes right though the forest and has some ausum views. For this one should be here in the morning.
Tamra Ghoomar is a must watch fall in my opinion, the ride is good, the locations are beautiful. Tamra Ghoomar has every thing for being a perfect tourist spot. As Chitrakot and Tamra Ghoomar lies on the same road, one should visit Tamra Ghoomar first during the morning or day then later on move to visit Chitrakot. Hope you enjoy reading blog i will try to provide more information on Chhattisgarh believe me its one of the best places to visit in India, so do keep reading and provide your valuable comments this will keep me motivated.
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