Gulmi :- Place with Hidden dangers

Accidents and Deaths define "GULMI" as i had already titled the post as the 'Place with Hidden Dangers'. Gulmi is known to very less people but for those who know it are connected to it becoz of some or other incidents. Gulmi can be developed as very good tourist spot, but not enough attention is given to it by government.

How To Reach:
To visit Gulmi, one will have to reach to jagdalpur in Bastar district. Jagdalpur is in Chhattisgarh and is connected by bus to Raipur and Hyderabad, and by train to Vishakhapatnam. Gulmi is 45 Km away from Jagdalpur.

It takes a drive of about an hour to reach Gulmi. This place c
an be visited at any time of the year but i would suggest not to visit this place during rainy season as it will be dangerous!!!. It would be a good decision if you go by four-wheeler as the road is Murum Road. Also as this is a deserted place people should travel in groups.

Being in Gulmi:

The track drives through Tar-Road, Murum Road surrounded by forest at some places. Gulmi is having two different dimensions(its little bit philosophical); first there is a lake which is very calm, silent and pleasent to watch, the other is rock cuttings making u watchful and concerned. The whole place is surrounded by trees, rocks and water collaborating to spell the magic.
There is a lot of sand at the bank where people can play a lot of games, the place is also surrounded by trees where you can sit under the shadow and enjoy the visit. Again bring your food from the home or hotel as there will be no food shops near by. One can simply sit on the sand and can see the calm lake as well as the astonishing rock cuttings!...GulmiThe picture shows u the rock cuttings along with fast current of water making it a place to watch for. The rock cuttings make the place beautiful as well as dangerous The place is totally uneven and dangerous as at next step there might be a rift of 25-30ft down. It would be a good decision if one simply sit and enjoy the beauty. The people have to be very concern in walking through these rocks as a lot of incidents have happened and there is no one there to safe guard.

You can avoid the dangers which u can see but this place is having hidden dangers. As i have told u about the lake which is calm and pleasent try to imagine it having the similar kind of rock cuttings inside it, then u may be able to understand. Every year many people come to visit this place and go in water to play and are drowned as here you cannot assess the depth , at one place u may be standing 1 ft above water but at next step u might be drowned to 20-30ft. Hence i would say dont enter inside the water. Enjoy the beauty by your eyes dont try to feel please.

I would say that this place test ur Patience and Control, as if you loose them you might end up in serious trouble. I would family with small kids or teens upto 20yrs should not visit this place as there is no scope of error and kids and teens get carried away easily.

Hey after talking enough of dangers, i would say Gulmi is a nice place to visit taking above factors into consideration as this will be give an experience one of its kind and surely will put up an impact on your do visit Gulmi !!! 

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